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My name is Erik Anthony Leacock and was born in the Cayman Islands where he grew up and went to school until I was a teenager.  Whereafter, I moved to the United States to attend an academic boarding school in Minnesota. After graduating high school, I joined the U.S. Air Force to become a Crew Chief on the A-10 Warthog and C-130 Hercules. During my six years in the Air Force, I was promoted to Staff Sergeant (E-5) and performed numerous temporary duty assignments around the world including two Afghanistan tours.  After the military and having been to war, I had a major shift of perspective on life and a change of priorities in my life that led me to backpacking through Central and South America for three years.  During that time, I began to follow my passion which led to me finding my purpose and eventually resulted in my new profession as a nutritionist.

On a Mission to Help Others

I believe in empowering and helping individuals take back their health through nutritional eating and healthy lifestyle choices.  I have spoken and hosted over 50 presentations and workshops in eight countries covering a wide range of topics.  I have worked and volunteered with several NGOs and local schools discussing a variety of topics, such as Caymanian Herbal Remedies, Moringa – The Miracle Tree, DIY Natural Body Products, and Healthy Eating for Kids.  As a recent nutrition graduate, I have chosen to turn one of my longtime dreams into reality by creating Conscious Earth as a way people can connect, learn, and heal through information, resources, and public speaking events. I am passionate and excited to share my knowledge with others and help individuals heal themselves.

Bachelor of Science – Nutrition

Huntington University or Nutrition Sciences

Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate

T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies 

Intensive Training Certificate

Yin Yoga

Aviation Maintenance Technology

Community College of
the Air Force

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Early Passion Project

Moringa Mission

Moringa Mission is an Open Source Earth Bound Collective Promoting Self-Sustainability with Permacultures & Designed Food Forest. Join Us Grow a Sustainable Earth!

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Into the Jungle I Go

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