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Erik Leacock

With an extensive background in science and evidence based study, Erik is working to make knowledge more accessible to you. Erik is also an avid traveler and is currently backpacking through Central America.

What is Conscious Living

What is Conscious Living

Conscious living is a way of life. It is deliberate and intentional with the objective of living healthy and in harmony with the planet.  The lifestyle largely involves having maximum awareness of yourself, your immediate surroundings, and the world at large.  With...

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Erik's Current Travels

Watch in real time as Erik hits the road and experiences life in Central America. He will share his adventures from each city he visits, starting with Mexico City.


Erik started off his journey in Mexico City and will be backpacking through Central America.


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Into the Jungle I Go

Into the Jungle I Go

I am about two weeks out from flying out on one-way tickets to Mexico and beginning the next few years being back on the road.  Traveling...

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