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What is Conscious Living

Conscious living is a way of life..

It is a deliberate and intentional practice of living in health and harmony with the planet. The lifestyle primarily involves having maximum awareness of yourself, your immediate surroundings, and the world at large. As humanity faces unprecedented challenges, we must evolve and learn to consciously coexist with Mother Nature and each other. This lifestyle encompasses a mindful practice of using and producing less waste, thereby reducing the negative impact and damage to our environment. Conscious living involves becoming aware of the factors influencing health and disease, such as lifestyle, social, external, and environmental factors. Therefore, choosing eco-friendly, sustainable products for everyday living, such as bath and body or home and the workplace, is crucial.  Living a conscious lifestyle involves many methods and a variety of approaches, such as unique yoga wellness adventures, mouthwatering vegan food, and an uplifting spiritual lifestyle toward a more happy, healthy, and mindful way of living!  I am so glad and excited you are here so we can go through this journey together.


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