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Erik works with many businesses and organizations to bring his passion for health and wellness to their teams, sharing knowledge on topics ranging from local vegitation to DIY natural products. 

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  • Nutrition & Healthy Living
    • Everything regarding nutrition and healthy eating.  
    • Plant-based nutrition
    • Ditch the diet: Healthy Eating for Life
    • Be Healthy, Feel Healthy
  • DIY Natural Body Care Products

  • Herbal Medicines & Medicine Herbs
    • Moringa – The Miracle Tree
    • Superfoods

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Speaking Events

Herbal Remedies Walk: Cayman Connection's Bush Club

This event took place at Queen Elizabeth II Royal Botanic Park where we took a relaxing stroll in nature and learned more about traditional Caymanian bush medicines and other plants at the Park. We learned about our natural Cayman heritage and the importance of plants in our world. We were able to learn about some of the key flora that was used throughout Cayman's history.

 The Backyard Farmer Walking Tour & Tasting

Cayman Connection's Bush Club Leads Erik Leacock and Hannah Reid Ford lead tours at The Backyard Farmer property in Bodden Town on Sunday, 31 July along with owners Jennifer and George Bodden. The tour combined discussions on bush medicines, permaculture, biodiversity, traditional Caymanian farming practices with historical information about the slave wall, a tasting of crops in season and more!

"It was clear that Mr. Leacock was fully invested in his knowledge"

Mr. Erik Leacock is a wonderfully engaging presenter who gave thought-provoking demonstrations and explanations to our grade three students at Cayman International School over the course of several years. After our first presentation about Cayman plants and the traditional ways that Caymanians harvested and utilized them, it was clear that Mr. Leacock had the experience and patience necessary to answer the hundreds of questions our students asked. Not only did the students get to try traditional peppermint and lemongrass teas, but he also taught our students extensively about the benefits of the Moringa or ‘Miracle’ Tree. He also brought in real examples of each plant and even donated the potted plants from his presentations to our classrooms! This authentic experience helped students build on their foundational knowledge of Cayman culture, and we are forever grateful for his contributions. Thanks Erik!

Luke Grimmett
Cayman International School


"He is extremely knowledgeable on this subject, and we are grateful for his willingness to share it."

Erik Leacock holds a wealth of knowledge on traditional herbal remedies. As the Education Programmes Manager for the National Trust for the Cayman Islands, he often accompanied me to classrooms to teach children about our disappearing cultural traditions around plants and health. We always received great feedback from the students and teachers, and we very much value his expertise and enthusiasm for this subject. Erik has assisted with workshops and outreach opportunities with the public and visiting researchers on the subject of medicinal plants.

Catherine Childs
The National Trust for the Cayman Islands (NGO)