Have you ever thought:

“Living a healthy lifestyle is too complicated for me.”

You aren’t alone. Health and wellness scientific data can be hard to digest. Erik has compiled many resources where you can find the information you need and how to impement the findings into your life. Easy as that!

How to Work with Erik

One-On-One Consultation

Work directly with Erik virtually or in-person and discover how to make adjustments to your lifestyle to meet your wellness goals.

DIY Workshops

Join Erik for a hands on workshop where you will discover the joys and benefits of homemade products and take some goodies with you.

Invite Erik to Speak

Erik can speak at your community event, school or business panel. Topics can be customized to meet your needs.

What is Conscious Living

Conscious living is a way of life. It is deliberate and intentional with the objective of living healthy and in harmony with the planet.  The lifestyle largely involves having maximum awareness of yourself, your immediate surroundings, and the world at large.  With...

What is Conscious Living

Conscious living is a way of life. It is deliberate and intentional with the objective of living healthy and in harmony with the planet.  The...

Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Our not-so-great eating habits Let us be honest, very few of us eat to satisfy our sense of hunger, instead, we often eat for pleasure!  Most of the...

Meet Erik

I believe in empowering and helping individuals take back their health through nutritional eating and healthy lifestyle choices. He has turned a longtime dream into reality by creating Conscious Earth as a way people can connect, learn, and heal through information, resources, and public speaking events.

"He helped me not just to lose weight but understand the importance of a healthy eating life!"

Erik volunteered to help me lose weight and get to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. I had explained how hard had been to lose weight since I came to the island and it was amazing how happy and available he was to guide me through. We met a few times and I can see the passion in him, I truly believe this is something he really enjoys and does it out of passion and care for others. He taught me to listen to my body when it’s telling me something and I feel really good about myself; energetic and healthy. I highly recommend him.

Solange Alfaro


"It was clear that Mr. Leacock was fully invested in his knowledge"

Mr. Erik Leacock is a wonderfully engaging presenter who gave thought-provoking demonstrations and explanations to our grade three students at Cayman International School over the course of several years. After our first presentation about Cayman plants and the traditional ways that Caymanians harvested and utilized them, it was clear that Mr. Leacock had the experience and patience necessary to answer the hundreds of questions our students asked. Not only did the students get to try traditional peppermint and lemongrass teas, but he also taught our students extensively about the benefits of the Moringa or 'Miracle' Tree. He also brought in real examples of each plant and even donated the potted plants from his presentations to our classrooms! This authentic experience helped students build on their foundational knowledge of Cayman culture, and we are forever grateful for his contributions. Thanks Erik!

Luke Grimmett


"Erik paid close attention to what my concerns were."

Erik helped me figure out what foods would be the best fit for my dietary needs. He educated me on how to identify goods that would be beneficial to my health. He clearly explained how the oils I used to cook were unhealthy and gave me alternatives that were a better option. He helped me understand portion sizes that would help with my desired goal and instructed me on the best ways to meal prep. He went the extra mile to meet me at any location that was convenient for me. I had the best experiences with Erik and would recommend his expertise to anyone that needs some extra help with understanding their dietary needs


Shaneeke Bryan 

"Erik's heart is embedded in everything he does"

We have worked with Erik on a number of projects and events, he is the Lead for our nature and bush medicine club and brings expertise, knowledge and passion into everything he does. Erik is not only skilled in the area of understanding plants and their medicinal elements, but is an excellent communicator and public speaker, and ensures that he brings history and culture into his profession and all that he does. His aptitude to work with plants and to pull together tours and events that shares this knoweldge and experience to our audiences has been exemplary. His lived experiences have influenced his passion to be much more than simply knowing about plants. We look forward to working more with Erik and we're excited about his next chapters.


Kate, Executive Director, Cayman Connection

"He is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of medicinal plants, and we are grateful for his willingness to share it."

Erik Leacock holds a wealth of knowledge on traditional herbal remedies. He often accompanied me to classrooms to teach children about our disappearing cultural traditions around plants and health. We always received great feedback from the students and teachers, and we very much value his expertise and enthusiasm for this subject. Erik has assisted with workshops and outreach opportunities with the public and visiting researchers on the subject of medicinal plants.


Catherine Childs, Cayman National Trust (NGO)


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