What is Conscious Living

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Conscious living is a way of life.

It is deliberate and intentional with the objective of living healthy and in harmony with the planet.  The lifestyle largely involves having maximum awareness of yourself, your immediate surroundings, and the world at large.  With humanity facing unprecedented challenges we must evolve and learn to mindfully coexist with Mother Nature and each other.  This lifestyle encompasses a conscious way of life that focuses on using and producing less waste, thereby reducing the negative impact and damage to our environment.  It is crucial to choose whenever possible eco-friendly, sustainable products for everyday living, such as for bath and body or home and the workplace.  Conscious living involves becoming aware of the factors that influence health and disease such as lifestyle, social, external, and environmental factors.

Being Aware

Having awareness of these various components can help inform and guide your day-to-day decisions, as well as influence how you experience life.  Living a conscious lifestyle incorporates healthy habits with sustainable practices that are eco-friendly.  Conscious living involves many methods and a variety of approaches, such as unique yoga wellness adventures, mouthwatering vegan food, sustainable eco-friendly practices, and an uplifting spiritual lifestyle towards a more happy, healthy, and mindful life!

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